The School is located at a prominent peaceful location of Puranpur. The school building and playground with greenery all around, the school campus is designed to cater to the needs of young, growing children.
We provides a classroom environment that motivates students towards better performance. Our classrooms are aesthetically designed and integrated with smart boards and well-furnished desks.


The library services form an integral part of our vision of quality education. The school Time-Table, the instructional methods and the non-formal assessment projects shall encourage the use of the library services. Through periodic orientation programmes / workshops and inter-house competitions, the interest for reading shall be further promoted. The other significant highlights of the library services are:

  • Open – shelf system.
  • Availability of the books for the students.
  • A particular books can be re-issued for a further period of 7 days if there is no demand of any other student
  • The student will be responsible for the safe custody of books issued to him/her.



The school has advanced well equipped labs (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, S.St. and Computer).These labs give the opportunity to students to work independently to learn by doing. This gives them an insight into how science works.
Computer lab with broad band facility helps students in preparing projects and presentations very easily. Juniors make animated stories and PPT’s of their interests which are useful for their learning.

School Van-

  • Those who would want to avail the school van facility must register the name of their wards at the time of admission.
  • Every registration is for 11 months. The van charges for 11 months will have to possible care will be taken of the child to ensure of his / her safety and security. However, in case of any mishap or injury to a student the school will not be responsible.

Smart Learning Classes-

R.S.R.D.Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Puranpur aims at training and preparing the students for future challenges. In view of the fast changing socio – cultural context and the growing need for integrating technology, we here, offer Smart Learning Classes to the learners. Another significant aspect of Projector Classes is to enable, thelearners to direct learning towards evolving effective assimilation of knowledge. Through multimedia and ON-line internet services, the school offers a vibrant and interesting global educational exposure to the learners.


The philosophy holds that music has many important values. So the school provides a wide range of music education because it is a field of study associated with the development of skill, the acquisition of knowledge.