My Dear Children,
“ The gift of knowledge is a far higher gift than that of food and clothes; it is even higher than giving life to a man, because the real life of man consists of knowledge.’’
The demand of time for this generation is READING ! We must motivate our children to have a life long, life changing love of reading. This ignites a hunger for knowledge and a passion for learning. With an aim to bring out an all round development for learning of a child, the school has identified five fundamental subjects viz. Physical Education, Psychological Training, Vocational Training, Moral Education and Spiritual Education. Besides all the subjects of the prescribed curriculum, these five fundamentals are taught in the school.
I assure you that this temple of learning will do all in its might and means to instil in you-Self- discipline, Self-reliance and Self-growth.Our commitment for excellent education is very firm and clear.
We only pray to Almighty God that he may give us sufficient strength and will power to reach our goals.

Yashvir Singh