Basic of Education (Panchamukhi Shiksha)-
“Vidya Bharti opts the following five steps to impart the education in their schools for the all round development of the children”
Physical Education-
For proper physical development of the student, the school imparts training both in traditional Indian games and Modern International games. There is an arrangement for providing practice and training to the students in Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Handball, Football, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Kho-Kho, etc. Training in Yoga and Pranayam is a daily affair.
Psychological Training-
For the development of the qualities like reasoning, comparison, observation and judgement, education based on the latest psychological methods is imparted.
Vocational Training-
For development amongst the students the tendency to understand the importance of hard work, there is a provision of vocational education in a latest designed workshop. Students learn how to make chalk sticks, candles, art and craft work, toys making from clay, interior decoration, uses of waste materials, etc. By the active participation of the students in different activities, we ensure the development of Administrative and Managing Skills.
Moral Education-
It is imperative that the students should have a feeling of patriotism, kindness, service, selflessness and tendency of co-operation in them. For this purpose moral story, singing of national & moral songs, anniversaries of great personalities are celebrated. Lectures, and cultural programmes are also being organized.
Spiritual Education-
In order to give the children an idea of all pervading Almighty everywhere and ever being, songs related to lives of religious great men are sung by the students. More over the students themselves with full enthusiasm are also celebrating the birth ceremonies / anniversaries of the great personalities.

Five Steps of Teaching-

1. In order to give compact knowledge of each subject, the method adopted is ‘Five step method’; these include-
Introduction- Under it the teacher presents the subject in an interesting manner to flare up the interest of the students.

2. Presentation- The students are made to practice the subject matter orally and in writing application.

3. Practice- To test the application of the students, home assignment is given.

4. Experiment- The students are encouraged to gain further knowledge of the subject themselves by self study of books related to the subject. They are motivated activity based joyful learning .

5. Expansion- For the development of the habit of self study, students are encouraged to study books and magazines in the library. There is an adequate arrangement of books and magazines in the library.